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‘n Indringer gras “Spartina alterniflora” Loisel (Smooth Cordgrass), het in Groot Brakrivier gevestig. Die gras kom , sover tot dusver vasgestel kan word, slegs in Grooot Brakrivier in Suid Afrika voor. Die gras het oorsprong in Amerika. Die verspreiding die indringer Gras in Grootbrakrivier, die Tuinroete en dalk selfs in ons land wek kommer. Die gras versprei maklik en is moeilik te beheer. Die uitroei van die gras is hoog op Bewarea se prioriteitslys, en is een van ons lang termyn projekte.

The settlement of this grass, native to the Atlantic coast of the Americas, was firstly pointed out by Dot Eager, an occupant on the Island. Work for Water played an important role in getting the wheels in motion to do something about this grass.

Studies by Taryn Riddin and Professor Janine Adams of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University pointed out in her paper that this settlement of this grass in our estuary is a cause of concern. Firstly it is difficult to remove by hand. It spreads fast and it has the potential to filter sediments from flowing water, forming new islands and impact on the natural flow of water in the River.



When the Kiani Sata boat stranded in 2013, Scott helped to patrol the beach from Groot Brak River to Klein Brak River to search for oil stained Birds. He also encouraged some friends to get involved.

When a concerned member of Public reported an injured Flamingo in the Estuary to Cape Nature Scott came to the rescue by commanding some of his friends with more canoes, rescued the bird, got covered in mud and helped tomove the Bird to the Hartenbos Animal Hospital where he and his friends assisted the Veterinarian Surgeon Dr de Graafto do X-Ray examination of the Injured and badly Bruised wing.

When The Community of Great Brak recently embarked on a beach cleaning operation Scott was first in line to do his bit. Other than this Community Cleaning project, Scott is frequently spotted in his canoe with a refuge bag, picking up litter.

Scott hero regularly place high quality photos of Birds on the Great Brak River Birding Facebook Page. His photo of the African Jacana in the Great Brak Estuary, is not only of high quality, but this bird has reportedly never been observed by any of the regular birders in this area. He regularly joins the Birding group, and assist by helping member of the group to see and identify some of the birds in Great Brak River area.

Scott makes an important contribution to conserve our natural environment, and we challenge all of you to get involved

Scott Mostert


Dave Chamberlain hardloop Lewenslank en wereldwyd. Toe die Voelkykgroep ‘n versoek ontvang het van Birdlife South Africa om die projek te help met verblyf, het die groep twee aande se verlyf op Dave se lang draftog van Namibia regom die kus van Suid Afrika. Een aand het hy by die bekende Pink House in Groot Brakrivier en die tweede aand in Wildernis by Bill Naude’ oornag. Bill is ‘n lid die Voelkykergroep. Die Groot Brakrivier Museum het ingespring en tee en verversings voorgesit. Die Grootbrakkers het hehoorlik aan sy lippe gehang oor sy insiggewende voordrag van al sy wedervaringe op die lang draftog wat hy aangepak het met die doel om die publiek bewus te maak van die pikkewyne en programme om die voels se voortbestaan te verseker.

Dave draf tans oor Kanada vir die Ysbere !




Recently unwanted rabbits and a number of their babies were dumped by their owners at the Railway Station Area in Great Brak.

Some has drowned in the river and others were killed on the road. Members of the Conservancy and friends were involved to capture and to move some of the rabbits to the SPCA where trained staff will take care of their well being and possible relocation.

Public are requested to not dump unwanted pets at their own mercy, but to phone the SPCA at Tel 044 6930824 Mondays to Fridays 09h00 to 16h00. (Emergency Number 0722871716

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2010 Will be recorded in the history as the year that Great Brak Conservancy hosted a Rock Concert with the ever popular Clint & Co. This Rock Band is not only a draw card for its popular music, but also is known for its stated commitment to Conservation.

Hundreds of Rockers were entertained until late, and the evening was made even more memorable by a surprise appearance on the stage by Lesley Rae Dowling who performed a number with Clint.

This great event was made possible by the generous sponsorship from Clint & Co, PETROSA, Rheebok Bricks, De Dekke, Fancy Inc, and with great support from the public, Cape Nature and neighboring Conservancies. The success of the evening was ensured by a hard working Committee, and this event contributed thousands of rands to the Great Brak Conservancy balance sheet.


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A 2 day bird identification course was offered in partnership of our sponsors at the Ilita Lodge and the participation and enjoument of the Public demonstrated the interest in our beautifull natural environment in Great Brak River.

The attendance of 3 Green Haven Secondary School students was sponsored by the Project team


Voelkyk groot


Verwydering van Indringer Plante 2008

Groot Brakrivier Bewarea het in vennootskap met die Capenature (SIYABULELA projek), Mosselbaai Munisipaliteit, Eden Distrik Munisipaliteit en Werk vir Water program het ’n projek aangepak en voltooi waar indringer plante in die Groot Brakrivier gebied verwyder was. Meer as R11 000 is aan die projek spandeer Indringer plante was aan die Suide en die Noorde kant van die N2 Brug en aan die oewers van die Green Haven Spruit verwyder. Die projek het 3 November 2008 begin en was binne twee weke voltooi. Groot Brakrivier Bewarea het ook sop aan die spanne werkers voorsien.

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At Great Brak Conservancy, nature always comes first. Groot Brak Bewarea plaas die natuur eerste